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About Us


This is the live CB streaming audio site, located in Nottingham, UK..

Currently running 24/7 on a 10mg connection, so hopefully no drop out or crappy sounding audio.
set up is currently running an Uniden 100 on ch19 and a Multimode 2 as the receiver's and an 'old school' Shakespeare 'super big stick 2'antenna mounted on the chimney stack, so this seems ideal for the locals, and is not intended as a DX window..!! But stations from Derby and occasionally leicester can be heard on UK CB channel 19, and when the conditions are right, who knows what you'll hear on 27.555 usb.
The Scanner is a pair of AOR 2001 with a homebrew di-pole for UHF/VHF also on the stack and a Watson X30 for the Airband...

Computer is a Pentium 4 based PC, 2.4ghz, 1gig ram and running XP pro, seems all good so far, with four sound cards for each channel.hopefully more will be added in the future..
any problems contact the webmaster.