It's gone..!!!
it had a good running but like everything, it has to come to an end..

what with only a handful of M3/6 retards on 19 and a couple who you can't understand taking up channel 19 and 27.555 with his unintelligable waffling..
i have decided to switch it off..
currently a new PC is being set up, so i may return with the scanner and airband,
and the Boxer recordings may also return..

watch this space..

This is located in the heart of UK CB land, Nottingham, with M1 motorway running by and close to all major roads, ports and airports (ok i got a bit carried away,)
even though CB in nottingham is dying there are still a few still on the air,
This live feed is brought to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. located in the Nottingham City you can listen two scanners dedicated to Airband or PMR bands.
or my CB radio links,
the UK Channel 19 (27.781 FM) and Worldwide 27.555 USB..
feel free to EMAIL the webmaster with your comments.

VHF/UHF receiver.

This receives various PMR, trunk, simplex and several other services, 
20ch of activity..

27.555 USB

27.555 usb This runs open squelch.

 Air Band receiver 

Listens to Aircraft in and around Nottingham and aproaching, plus other air control.

Channel 19 (27.781 FM) 

This is Nottingham's Channel 19, please sit back and Cringe..

You may have to click the player twice, Once to activate the Active X component and once to 'buffer up' the player, if it says 'stopped' the link is operational, and awaiting you to click 'play'.......Have fun..!!

This has been tested and does NOT link in mozilla firefox, works in IE ONLY. if still not working just manually put the address (found by right clicking over the player) in your windows media player. Or install the IE Emulator plug in which i have tested and WORKS in Chrome.

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